Meet the Banyan Staff at our Boca Treatment Center

Meet the Team

Meet the Banyan Boca Staff

At our Boca rehab, we stand as a leader in providing growth through recovery by having only the most qualified addiction treatment staff members on our team. Our highly experienced Banyan staff know exactly how to treat our patients because several members of our Banyan clinical team have gone through their own personal trials with addiction and recovery. Many members of our Banyan staff have been in your shoes, but we have come out on the other side drug-free and you can too. Whether you are struggling with the effects of methadone withdrawal or you are just looking for someone to talk to who has been in your position, our Banyan counseling and clinical staff are the empathetic ear you need during this difficult time.

The strength of the Banyan tree not only stands as a symbol for Banyan, but it is also a part of our philosophy. You are able to grow during your recovery process with the help of the strong community set in place from our Banyan Boca staff members.

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