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About us

Banyan Boca’s Alcohol and Drug Treatment with a Mission:
The banyan tree is one of the most beautiful and iconic trees in the South Florida landscape. This tree provides a great metaphor for what our community looks like here at Banyan Boca. Without the support of other trees, the banyan becomes exposed and weak, never reaching its full potential. However, with the help of the trees around it, the banyan can thrive for hundreds of years.
Community and collaboration are the core principles of treatment at Banyan Boca. When we use the strength of those around us, we can grow stronger ourselves. Having a strong support system is crucial in the recovery process. At Banyan Boca, we know that recovery is a journey and that everyone has different struggles and needs. We tailor our treatment plans to be truly customized for each specific situation. Our therapeutic methods empower clients to make meaningful changes in their own lives and the lives of those around them. Our main goal at Banyan Boca is to help every client take control to live a healthy and happy lifestyle free from addiction. We understand that the darkness can completely take over during substance abuse, and we strive to reverse these effects through our successful treatment plans.
From our multiple levels of care to our various substance abuse detox programs, Banyan Boca has the proper resources for any specific detox therapy needed for successful recovery. We offer numerous unique programs and therapy sessions that are tailored to our client’s recovery goals. Our highly qualified detox programs include alcohol, heroin, opiate, methadone, prescription pill, and cocaine programs for all individuals. Our residential treatment programs utilize best therapy practices for substance abuse treatment. We offer individual and group therapy, as well as daily support groups for all our clients.
Our exceptionally skilled and highly qualified staff provide round-the-clock assistance and support in all areas to all clients. Clients can expect to receive daily medical supervision, and 24-hour nursing care under our drug and alcohol detox programs.
At Banyan Boca, we take pride in the fact that our detox facility has national quality approval from the joint commission. If you or a loved one is struggling from any kind of drug or alcohol addiction, we are here to help you regain a healthy and sober life with a strong support system cheering you on. We want you to know that you are not alone in this fight and our successful detox program in Boca Raton is the first step in taking control of your life. We truly believe that it takes the highly qualified clinical staff, the support groups around you, individual treatment, and a plan in place to be successful in recovery. At Banyan Boca, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process that should never be put aside, or not maintained long-term.
You can visit our treatment facility in Boca Raton or locate our treatment services for more information. It’s not too late to start over by contacting Banyan Boca today for the best and most successful substance abuse treatment plans.
  • Helen R.

    Banyan Treatment Center was a life-changing experience for me. When I got here, I was planning on continuing to use, but with the help of staff and the community I was convinced to stay through the whole program, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made.

    Helen R.
  • Justin M.

    My experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff is excellent, they all went way out of their way to help me with whatever I needed. They gave me the tools i needed to succeed, and were always there for me when I completed the program and when I fell short. Thank you so much Banyan!

    Justin M.
  • Angie M.

    Banyan was able to help me more than words can describe. They helped me save my life. I called in not really knowing what to expect or anything about treatment and the people i spoke with were able to walk me through every step of the way.

    Angie M.

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